Welcome to GradMail.com... the end of the road in your search for the perfect graduation gift! Forget the checks, desk sets and pens, buy your graduate something that will help them for the rest of their life!


  • UniqueGradMail.com allows any college grad (or soon-to-be grad) to choose a unique, professional email address, that showcases their alma-mater.
  • Personal – Your graduate gets to choose a personalized email address, such as – joe@uclagrad.com, jane.doe@gatorsgrad.com, and so on.
  • Going to help them SucceedGradMail will help your graduate establish a permanent and professional email identity that will follow them from college to their professional life…and looks great on a resume!
  • Useful and lasting – Friends, family and alumni will always be able to stay connected no matter how many times your graduate changes jobs, location or their work email address ...it can be theirs for as long as they wish!
  • Something that keeps giving – With GradMail, 10% is donated back to their school!

“Since my daughter’s graduation 2 years ago, she has changed jobs twice and her personal email three times…Thank goodness for GradMail, the entire family uses her GradMail address and it follows her no matter how many times she’s changed it!"
-Rhonda M. Chicago, IL

I lost my email address when I moved out of my apartment after I graduated. I never realized how much I used it until I started having to explain to all my friends that I had a new address. Now that I have GradMail, I never have to worry about losing my address again. I just go online and change where my GradMail email is routed to!
-Blaine H. Tampa, FL

My grandmother bought me a GradMail account last year for graduation and I love it! To my employers I am *****@uscgrad.com, but to my friends I am still JlovesBeer@*****.com. All my email still comes to my main email inbox, and I can even get it on my phone. Awesome.
-James G. Columbia, SC

I went through the ROTC program in school, and now serve in the United States Air Force. GradMail has given me the ability to keep my email address every time I am relocated. It helps me to stay in touch with all of my family and friends without having to notify them each time I move. It saves me so much time and effort, I don't know what I would do without it!
-Thomas C. Afghanistan

I got my GradMail account from my parents last year, and honestly did not think much about it. I used it, but did not really understand what I had. Last month, someone hacked my Yahoo account and I had to change my email address. Thanks to my GradMail account, none of my friends and family even knew that I had changed my email service.
-Jessica E. Los Angeles, CA

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